Malaysia SST 2018: Transition from GST to the Implementation of SST

Are you ready for GST to SST?

One of the most high profile plege of "10 Promises in the First 100 days" by new Pakatan Harapan government's is to abolish the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and to be replaced by Sales and Services Tax (SST).

The laws that governed the SST up to 31st March 2015 which are the Sales Tax Act 1972 and the Service Act 1975, were REPEALED when GST was introduced. 

Similarly from GST to SST is NOT something that can be done overnight. 

There are various speculation amongst the professionals. Will Sales Tax only covers manufacturers? or will it extend further to other industries?

What other service industries may fall under this new Services Tax regime?

During the transition from GST to SST, how will that affect the liabilities that yet to be settled. Will this cause more time and cost for business as when the GST was implemented in 2015?


Transition from GST to the Implementation of SST Issues:

Many are confused on what to do or how it should be done. In this regards, Dr Choong will be conducting this practical Sales and Services Tax (Malaysia SST 2018) Seminar, tailored made to allows participants to know :

  • What they Need to Do,
  • When to Do it,
  • What are the Challenges, and
  • Bring back Solutions or Alternatives that can assist you in the Smooth Transition from GST to SST.

More importantly, Business and Professionals get to fill up the Knowledge Gap fast, while addressing their concerns much needed to remain COMPLIANCE.

Ready to face the Malaysia SST 2018 with Confidence!

Say good bye to GST, and Welcome the NEW Malaysia SST 2018! 
Let Dr Choong Kwai Fatt guides You to ensure a Smooth Transition from GST to the Implementation of SST 2018!

This seminar will be highly popular and we are aware that the seats will be sold out very fast. In this regards, please register your interest first by filling up the form below, as soon as the details of the new Sales and Services Tax law is released, we will keep you posted with details of the seminar as well as valuable information immediately. 

What is the seminar about?

The course content (not exhaustive)

These 2 days courses are created to facilitate the GST implementation by Practitioners. With exclusive content presented for the first time in this TWO DAYS seminar.

The Goods and Services Tax is taking off on 1 April 2015. GST is a single consumption tax at 6%, based on value added concept. Companies are given an onerous task to embed the Malaysian GST model into its business and accounting system within these 13 months which is definitely not an easy mission to accomplish.

The transitional period prior to implementation of GST during migrating to GST has great impact on stock, capital equipment that must be considered along with impact of business profitability and cash flow. The impact of 6% GST on its prices and the consumer reaction cannot be ignored.

These 2 days course will unlock the Malaysia GST model, its mechanism, conceptual framework to assist you in the GST implementation. This is an event created based on request by our existing participant to assist you in comprehending as to how to embed GST into your business.

This GST for Practitioner:

(a) Does not just focus on theory, but also incorporates practical application and implementation issues of GST

(b) Speaker will also provide the source material for referencing

(c) Practical checklist and flowcharts are prepared to facilitate comprehension and training of your staff or clients

(d) Provide pracitical solutions and also alternative to conventional solutions to GST issues

(e) The highly sought answer on risk, caution, and how to approach audit of stocks

(f) Areas of care and concern when you perform audit of consignment stock

(g) Procedure and level of care needed to appeal against a GST return

(h) Method to obtain Advanced Rulling

(i) Further consideration on transitional issue

(j) In need of guidance on how to restructure existing and future contract

(k) GST treatment on disposal of asset

GST is growing on a progressive manner, with new guides and ruling being introduced by Royal Malaysian Customs, the content listed above is not exhaustive, it will be further expended


You will like this seminar if you are looking for seminar which:

(a)  Specialiy created for practitioners, regardless of whether you are currently involved in GST implementation or otherwise

(b) Focus on providing solution to GST issues

(c) Latest and most up to date approach

(d) Inclusive of tax planning strategies and value added advice specifically to add value to client

You will also like this seminar if you are looking for seminar which is:

Straight to the point to discuss on issues, getting productive solutions on GST technical concerns, Impact of GST Implementation

These 2 days workshop focuses on giving GST Solutions by Practitioner for Practitioners.


“Knowledge is important; Practitioner’s practice is also the main focus for this seminar.”

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Who is it for?

Created to facilitate the GST Implementation by Practitioners

Auditors (External and Internal)
(Involved in implementing GST)
The one who is given the honours and duty to figure out how to implement GST in your organisation.
(applicable to all industry).

GST Consultants
Right GST changes and correct decision making has to be made to embed GST into client's company activities. It also affect substantial buying , selling and conclusion of contracts.

Corporate Lawyers
GST implication on the legality of the business operation will be a new issue and challenge. Know the inside out of GST from a Dr Choong who is also a Solicitor and Advocate.

Tax Agents
Knowing the GST knowledge will add value to your client. It is the right time to learn up on the implementation of GST.
How your action need to be combined and refined to embed GST system into your operation.

In House/ Corporate Advisors
Knowing the GST knowledge will add value to your discussion with GST Team. Talking on the same language is vital in GST era to ensure the company’s operation is on the right track.

Company Secretaries

GST system which is transactional based and cut across all transactions in your entity.

The record keeping and recording of historical transaction has a new role to play, it is paramount important for you to understand all the ins and outs of GST implementation.

How it will affect your documentation from now onwards and all the compliance requirements and thresholds table involved. There are ample work to prepare before the shift.

About the Speaker

Get to know more about this wonderful speaker

What people says about him :

“He is my lecturer for ACCA paper, now a tax lawyer, after so many years he is still humorous, able to make complex and boring taxation into a humorous and fun event. Definitely coming back for more.”

“The first session on 24th of April really gave me a good implementation plan of GST”

“GST is more complicated than I thought, I am glad that Dr Choong makes it clear and easy to understand.”

DR CHOONG KWAI FATT is the pioneer in GST. He is appointed by the Ministry of Finance as one of the panel members reviewing tax reforms in Malaysia, inclusive of the formulation of GST. With his research work on GST being published in 2006 and articles in 2007.

He has more than 24 years’ experience of providing consultancy services to listed companies, audit firms and the Government. Dr Choong is a highly sought GST & tax consultant and speaker. He is highly qualified with both professional accounting qualification and legal qualification. With chartered accountancy from 6 professional bodies and called to bar as an Advocate and Solicitor in Malaysia. Also an avid researcher equipped with a PhD in taxation.

He has won various awards for excellent in tax research and published GST & taxation articles in reputable journals in and outside Malaysia. His research works have been quoted in many tax cases and have influenced the formulation of tax policy in Malaysia.

He is known by attendee of his seminar as a man with heart of gold. He is passionate about helping the tax professionals, accountants, senior executive, lawyers and business owners to enhance in taxation skills, knowledge and wealth through mitigating of GST risk and implementation. Having more than 20 years of experience in public speaking, participants love him for this passion in taxation and ability to make complex tax concept understandable by different walks of life.

He is the expert of experts in terms of GST & tax planning, where he provided advice and personally trained corporate accountants and professional firms on tax planning and GST implementation. Get ready to take good notes when you attend his GST implementation seminars.


Dr Choong Kwai Fatt

Tax Consultant, Advocate and Solicitor (High Court of Malaya)
B.Acc(Hons)(Malaya),LL.B(Hons)(London), CLP, MCL(IIUM),PhD(IIUM),
FCCA(UK), CPA(M), CA(M), ACA(ICAEW), CA(Aust.),CPA(Aust.), CGA(Can), FCCS.

What people says about him :

“He is my lecturer for ACCA paper, now a tax lawyer, after so many years he is still humorous, able to make complex and boring taxation into a humorous and fun event. Definitely coming back for more.”

“The first session on 24th of April really gave me a good implementation plan of GST”

“GST is more complicated than I thought, I am glad that Dr Choong makes it clear and easy to understand.”

Download Speaker Profile

Programme Timeline_ 26 & 27 January 2015

The estimated timeline to master GST for Practitioner and concerns

DAY ONE (26 JAN 2015)

GST CHALLENGE 1 | Time of Supply
GST-PractitionerBulletPointServices industries

GST CHALLENGE 2 | Market Value
GST-PractitionerBulletPointCorrect methodology to its quantification

GST CHALLENGE 3 | Submission of GST Return
Special Material: Get Best Practices and Checklist on GST Compliance (Hot Resource).

GST CHALLENGE 4 | Tax Invoice & Procedures
Get the types of invoice right
GST-PractitionerBulletPointDuty fee : Additional care dealing with Labuan, Tioman & Langkawi

GST CHALLENGE 5 | Tough Question on Employees Benefits
GST-PractitionerBulletPointTrading stock sold to employees – market value
GST-PractitionerBulletPointReimbursement of official used expenses

GST CHALLENGE 6 | Complicated Stock Quantification and Its Challenges
Sample, Warranty
GST-PractitionerBulletPointThe deemed supply issues
GST-PractitionerBulletPointStock discrepancies. Parts of stocks used in works

GST CHALLENGE 7 | Commission Income
Extend of GST responsibility
GST-PractitionerBulletPointSelf billing : hiccups
GST-PractitionerBulletPointCross border commission income

GST CHALLENGE 8 | Investment Holding Company
Management fees : Not as simple as it seems

GST CHALLENGE 9 | Hidden Risk on Selection of Mode of Registration
GST-PractitionerBulletPointGroup registration : a final analysis and its applications
GST-PractitionerBulletPointBranch / division registration

DAY TWO (27 JAN 2015)

GST CHALLENGE 10 | Manufacturing
GST-PractitionerBulletPointImport / Export issues
GST-PractitionerBulletPointLucky draws
GST-PractitionerBulletPointPromotional schemes
GST-PractitionerBulletPointSales related incentives
GST-PractitionerBulletPointReimbursement of warranty items
GST-PractitionerBulletPointTied in goods, vouchers : the risk attached
GST-PractitionerBulletPointTax invoice
GST-PractitionerBulletPointGST-PractitionerBulletPoint0%, exempt included

GST CHALLENGE 11 | Trading
GST-PractitionerBulletPointConsignment issues
GST-PractitionerBulletPointCoupon, vouchers
GST-PractitionerBulletPointPromotional vouchers

GST CHALLENGE 12 | Services
Time of supply and computer environment for GST

GST CHALLENGE 13 | Payment on Behalf / Shared Expenses / Out of Pocket Expenses
Disbursement procedures
GST-PractitionerBulletPointTax invoice format & description
GST-PractitionerBulletPointTransport charges
GST-PractitionerBulletPointStamp duty, postage
GST-PractitionerBulletPointProblem on centralised payment and allocation issues

GST CHALLENGE 14 | Legality Surrounding Meaning and Scope of Supply
Exempt supply
GST-PractitionerBulletPointZero rated supply
GST-PractitionerBulletPointExport goods
GST-PractitionerBulletPointTrading stock sold to employees – market value
GST-PractitionerBulletPointExport services / international services

GST CHALLENGE 15 | Billing Concerns
The usage of tax invoices and credit notes
GST-PractitionerBulletPointBad debts
GST-PractitionerBulletPointGST-PractitionerBulletPointGST and income tax relationship
GST-PractitionerBulletPointGST-PractitionerBulletPointEligibility to claim
GST-PractitionerBulletPointGST-PractitionerBulletPointJournal entries
GST-PractitionerBulletPointAdvances & deposits
GST-PractitionerBulletPointGST-PractitionerBulletPointScope and coverage
GST-PractitionerBulletPointGST-PractitionerBulletPointJournal entry
GST-PractitionerBulletPointGST-PractitionerBulletPointRedemption treatment
GST-PractitionerBulletPointImpact of reverse charge mechanism

GST CHALLENGE 16 | Problem with Directors Fees
Compliance or non-compliance
GST-PractitionerBulletPointInput tax on directors on petrol, parking,
GST-PractitionerBulletPointentertainment expenses

GST CHALLENGE 17 | Complicated Rental Income
Commercial property : scope and types
GST-PractitionerBulletPointGST impact and assessment
GST-PractitionerBulletPointRegister or not to register?
GST-PractitionerBulletPointRPGT, income tax, GST relationship on commercial property
GST-PractitionerBulletPointHolding on property (individual / company)
GST-PractitionerBulletPointRecovery of expenses from tenants
GST-PractitionerBulletPointAdvance rental treatment

GST CHALLENGE 18 | Computer talk
GST-PractitionerBulletPointA final look into software needs
GST-PractitionerBulletPointBranch / division registration

GST CHALLENGE 19 | Insurance
GST-PractitionerBulletPointTypes of insurance eligible for input tax

GST CHALLENGE 20 | Manage the Creditors
GST-PractitionerBulletPointIntercompany balances
GST-PractitionerBulletPointUnpaid creditors


HOT CONTENT 1 | Appeal to Director General & Tribunal
GST-PractitionerBulletPointPractical guidance
GST-PractitionerBulletPointA walk through procedures
GST-PractitionerBulletPointPractical guidance on appeal to RMC officer, the DG

HOT CONTENT 2 | Advance Ruling
GST-PractitionerBulletPointPractical guidance and do & don’t

HOT CONTENT 3 | Transitional Issues
GST-PractitionerBulletPointTrading stocks, special sales tax refund procedures

HOT CONTENT 4 | Contractual Nitty Gritty
GST-PractitionerBulletPointContinuing contract
Non reviewable contract with zero rated
Suggested GST clause for current contract and future contracts
Contract price GST inclusive

HOT CONTENT 5 | Contentious Issues on Disposing Assets Acquired Before 1.4.2015
GST-PractitionerBulletPointFactory, shophouse
GST-PractitionerBulletPointPlant, machinery


Day 1 - 26 January 2015, Monday (Aloft, Kuala Lumpur Sentral)

5.00 PMQ & A Session
7.00 PMEnd of live event (Day 1)

Day 2 - 27 January 2015, Tuesday (Aloft, Kuala Lumpur Sentral)

9.00 AMGST CHALLENGE 10 - 14
10.30 AMGST CHALLENGE 15 - 17
1.30 PMGST CHALLENGE 18 - 20
3.15 PMHOT CONTENT 1 - 5
5.00 PMQ & A Session
7.00 PMEnd of live event (Day 2)

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Register Group of 5 or more pax

Meet Dr Choong Kwai Fatt live. He is known for his ability to simplify complicated tax law, into reader friendly and easily digest pieces.

Dr Choong will reveal the latest GST challenges and solutions for practitioners. We do not just provide the necessary guides, we will also highlight various GST risk areas, traps and threats.

With opportunities to meet up with friends and peers whom are equally interested in updating and learning the latest tax treats and tricks. Networking and catch up on the latest development, sharing of ideas and various solutions.




Highlight of this 2 day event is the 2 hours Q & A session from 5 – 7 PM daily. Where participants will address their own tax concerns and get them answered by the tax expert himself. Practitioners will find this to be extremely useful and practical, in view that each company is distinct and grab this opportunity to tap into the speaker’s insight on issues arising in their company is priceless.

In addition, the questions asked and addressed by Dr Choong is a great learning opportunity for all Practitioners, an eye opener and enhanced our skills and experience exponentially.

HRDF Claimable – subject to employer obtaining prior approval from PSMB.

Group registration of three enjoys RM 100 off for each participant.

Group registration of five enjoys RM 200 off for each participant.

Cash voucher of RM 200, to register for next session of “GST Advanced”

Advanced level consist of three main components :

1. A detailed study of implication arising from GST treatment on income tax and real property gains tax;
2. Tax planning on GST by utilising corporate structure;
3. GST schemes.


More information about the venue

The seminar will be held in Grand Ballroom, Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral

Park in LG1, B1 & B2 or utilize the hotel valet option which is reasonably priced for all hotel guests.

Within the vicinity of one of Kuala Lumpur’s most popular new shopping mall Nu Sentral, it is ideal for outstation participants to bring along family to spend a weekend after attending seminar on Friday.

Flat rate of RM 10 for first 10 hours, then followed by RM4.00nett per hour (validation machine is available at level 2)

roadmapAddress :

No 5 Jalan Stesen Sentral · Kuala Lumpur, 50470
Tel: 603 2723 1188 • Fax: 603-2753 1588

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Why participants love our tax seminars

Maybe you wil like us for the same reason

HRDF Claimable

The Expert of the Experts

Seminars conducted by Synergy TAS are eligible for HRDF claims under the Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL) Scheme, subject to prior application to PSMB by the employers.

We engage Dr Choong Kwai Fatt to conduct this tax planning seminar. Tap into the creative yet practical mind of Dr Choong.

Topics Expanding

10 CPD Awarded

Taxation is a field which grows continuously. With changes made continuously be it from the parliament, the court or the tax authority. The list of topic covered in this seminar is not exhaustive. We will add on new topics as it arises until the event to ensure we bring you a seminar packed with maximum tax planning ideas.

While you focus on revenue generating and operation, on things that matters, we do all the muscle and brain work just for you. We compile all the latest tax updates. Process and summarise them into understandable language. Best of all, we develop, package and give you the latest GST implementation. What you need to do is just comprehend and apply them.

2 Hours of Q & A

Let us do the muscle and brain work for you

This is the highlight of the event. 2 hours of non-stop QUESTION AND ANSWER by the expert on your tax concerns. Tax planning is about knowing the strategy to apply in specific scenario to maximise tax saving in a legal manner. Sharing of such experience is paramount to us.

While you focus on revenue generating and operation, on things that matters, we do all the muscle and brain work just for you. We compile all the latest tax updates. Process and summarise them into understandable language. Best of all, we develop, package and give you the latest GST implementation. What you need to do is just comprehend and apply them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read on for questions commonly asked by participants


Yes, we do understand plans are always subject to change. Do provide us the name two weeks before the event date. If change of name was notify after we have printed the certificate, reprinting of cert can be done with a certificate reprinting administrative fee of RM 100.


We wish we can answer yes to this. Our seminar is based on latest and most update rules and regulations, with a cut off point of 1-2 weeks before the event. The earliest date to get the seminar materials is one week prior to event date. In this regard, we will have to turn down all request to deliver materials prior to event date.


We upheld Data Protection Act. We will not disclosed the information of who attended our seminar to third party. You are in good hands!


We provide 10 CPD for each of our event, however professional bodies has its own internal rules.

Some of the professional bodies do limit the CPD claimed to 8 CPD per seminar day. This part is unfortunately beyond our control.

We trust the above clarifies your enquiries in relation to CPD. We thank you for your support and do drop by an email if you have further concerns.


+6016-302 6109 Call or email us any time Monday to Friday and we’ll help out!


Yes, you can change to other session of the same event, please do update us as soon as possible so that we can arrange for a replacement of your vacated seat.


Yes. This seminar does not just cover GST law, it covers the most crucial question : “how to implementation and embed GST into my company system” . Join us and expect to bring how practical solutions and implementation pointer.


Yes, Dr Choong will first run through the GST principles. It is relevant for those who are new to GST as well as those who have attended GST awareness and 10 days Customs’s course. The general principle is not difficult to follow. It is the implementation which is the challenging. Still worried unable to catch up, get a copy of “Uncle’s guide to GST” by Dr Choong Kwai Fatt.


We distinguish ourselves based on three areas. We are specialist in tax seminar

We are reputable event organising company set up to organise advanced tax planning event. Our motto is to encourage the policy of “plan your tax, do not evade tax”.

Our well researched materials

Our participants mainly consist of corporate leaders, practitioners and senior executives, we hold firm to the view that we must do all it take to maximise learning and impact in minimum amount of time. We take pride in providing the most updated and well researched information. “We do the research, so that you do not have it”. Tax is a highly technical subject, we are known for compiling, complete sets of information needed for participants to refer after the event. Do expect to carry back to office at least a thick 2 inches file, in fact for this event reserve two file space for the seminar materials.

Best speaker

A speaker will make or break an event. Our seminar do attract the best talents in the industry, we commit to only engage top speaker and subject matter expert for all events organised by us.

Our events are HRDF claimable (subject to application by participant)

Certificate is issued by a University with 10 CPD for each seminar

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