Test your GST know how : 8 Unique Features of Malaysian GST

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Test Your GST Know How


Next Wednesday is THE BIG DAY, where GST will go live (1 April 2015).



This is a quick check on how GST savvy you are, click here to go through the TEST on “8 Unique Features of GST”. Immediate answer is provided inside the interactive e-learning.






When it comes to implementing GST, there are just so many things that seem important to us.However, as far as Malaysian GST is concerned, there are these 8 Unique MUST KNOW Features.



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Congratulation if you have answered all of them correctly!


If you have not, worry not as you are not the only one, there are still many people struggling to understand more about GST.


Why we created this ?

After talking to many of past attendees of our seminar, we notice many are still not confident with their own know-how, that’s why we create this “learning-based interactive test”, so that you and others can verify your understanding absolutely free to ensure you get the essential GST know-how right.


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Test Your GST Know How