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Responding to the Rakyat’s outcry, the abolish of Goods and Services Tax (GST) begins with zero-rising of the GST rate on 1st June 2018.

Where the existing GST will be replaced with NEW Sales and Services Tax (SST) from 1st September 2018 onwards.

By replacing GST with SST Malaysia's government is expected to return RM17bil to Malaysians. However, it is expected that this NEW SST would encompass a Complete New Perspective with a Wider Scope as compared to the OLD SST. It aims to derive approximately RM26 billion in order to sustain the Nation Debt and Development as compared to RM43 billion of GST Regime.

Countdown to the commencement of NEW SST !

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SST v GST weight

Businesses are eager to know what this NEW SST will cover, what is the tax rate and its mechanism. Will it be a replica of the OLD SST with minor changes or will it be another complex tax regime in need of explanation by tax experts.

There are various enquiry on whether we are organising SST seminar? The ANSWER is YES!

It is highly popular! The upcoming SST Seminar is aimed to provide the process and steps to transition out from GST to SST. Also to facilitate the smooth & practical implementation of SST.

Transition from GST to SST

FAQ: What is the date for the seminar?

Timeline to implementation of SST

For a new tax regime to be introduced and receive its legal power, it has to undergo parliament and gazetting of the act. Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has announced that the First Parliament Meeting of the 14th Dewan Rakyat will commence on 16th of July and sit for 20 days. It has been long awaited and is going to be a highly influential Parliamentary sitting, since it will table Various Significant Legislative Changes. The MOST IMPORTANT CHANGES for Business' COMPLIANCE will surely be the SST!

This SST Seminar stand out! Because...

stand out because

To ease your adoption of SST, Dr Choong designed this SST 2018 Seminar with the following Objectives in mind :

  1. Highly Practical and ease Quick Implementation ;

  2. Focus on indicating Potential Pitfalls & Solutions;

  3. Breakdown and Structured the Content to be Easily Digestible be it for the Tax Professionals, also Business Owners and Accounting Personnel; and

  4. Incorporate Practical Tax Planning.

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The seminar will focus on the following THREE AREAS :

Transition : Things to be aware of

Transition : Things to be aware of

Transition : Challenges & Solutions

Transition : Challenges & Solutions

SST : Mechanism & Application

SST : Mechanism & Application

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GST from 6% to Zero % : What you need to do

six to zero

Read the infographic below to know what you need to do immediately!

Infographic : What you need to do now

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